Extra Massage Courses

Hello Everyone this is Kenji from LFC

Here at Life Force Chiropractic we specialize in chiropractic adjustments for our patients but sometimes a single adjustment might not bring relief. So I would like to introduce everyone to our Extra Massage course!

Of course, all of our patients receive a preliminary massage before their adjustments but here at LFC we have a specialized course for those extra stiff or tired parts of the body that need that extra massage to get relief. We have massages that range from 15, 20 and 30 minutes.

All of the massages can be used to focus on a pesky muscle knot or a full body massage to get a relaxed body after a hard day at work. Just tell us where you need relief and we will get to work!

These courses are pretty popular so please don’t hesitate to ask us when you’re getting an adjustment or when you are scheduling your appointment over the phone or through E Mail.

We will do our utmost best to give you a refreshed body for the coming year!

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