Too cute cookie 🎶.

Hello everyone, Life Force Chiropractic here.

This week in Okinawa, the days are warm and fluffy! And in the blink of an eye, it's February!

Speaking of Okinawa in February, professional baseball players are in their spring training camp. When I passed by Mihama the day before yesterday, the Chunichi Dragons were practicing. There were many fans there! Do you have a favorite team or a favorite player? I support the Hiroshima Toyo Carp and am a big fan of Kosuke Tanaka! I want to see him in front of my eyes 🎶 I also want to watch the open game during the camp! I'm sure all the players of all the teams would be happy to be able to train in the warmth of Okinawa!

The other day we received such a cute and soothing assortment of cookies~! I screamed the moment I opened them 🎶 The staff also raved about them 🎶 The animals' faces are so cute, aren't they? How did they make them so cute? How did they make them so cute? I felt like it was too good to eat, but I ate it right away! It was delicious 🎶!

Thank you, Haruto's father and mother! Cute, cute Haruto, he has just been born, but you can feel him growing every day, can't you? You can feel the happiness, can't you? We are very much looking forward to meeting Haruto-kun. We are all looking forward to meeting him. I'll be the first to hold him!

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