Life Force Chiropractic Yomitan

Hello everyone!

Hopefully everyone is not getting cooked by the Okinawan heat! It really got hot all of a sudden after the rainy season. Its gets to the mid 70 degrees even early in the mornings, so please have adequate amounts of hydration to avoid dehydration and heat stroke when you’re out and about!

Weather aside there is some exciting news to announce! The opening date for the Life Force Chiropractic Yomitan Clinic has finally been announced! On July 19th the newest Life Force Clinic will be open for business.

This clinic will be slightly bigger than the one in Ginowan and will have the capability of being to adjust more patients at a time!

All the treatments that were available at the Ginowan Clinic will also be available at the Yomitan Clinic, so people living in the northern parts of Okinawa don’t have a long drive down to Ginowan. We are excited for this newest chapter in LFC and welcome anyone to come and see the newest clinic in person! You are always welcome at anytime!

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