The Coming Okinawa Summer

Hello Everyone!

With the Monsoon season (Tsuyu Jiki) slowly coming to an end. Summer is just around the corner, with the summer, it means lots of time in 28 Celsius degree plus heat with that humidity that Okinawa summers have a reputation to have.

Here in Okinawa heat strokes and dehydration during the Summer are a leading cause of hospitalizations both minors and adults, in today’s blog I would like to remind people that the Summers here in Okinawa are legendary for its heat and humidity.

Drinking plenty of water as well as regulating body temperature is of the utmost importance. Many times people don’t realize how dehydrated they are until serious symptoms appear. The humidity in the air also sometimes masks how much water is leaving the body.

After practicing sports in this heat, it is surprising how much one sweats in the this weather. Never overexert yourself and always have a source of hydration at hand. Whether that is a sports drink or just plain water. The Okinawa summer heat is unforgiving to the body so one must be prepared to deal with it for the coming three months.

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