Rainy Season (Monsoon)

Hello this is Kenji from Life Force Chiropractic!

We are nearing the end of April and slowly entering May which is the beginning of the Monsoon season in Okinawa. This means that the humidity in will increase and the days in which heavy rain will become more and more common. The last couple of days we have had a couple of heavy thunderstorms (kaminari in Japanese). So please remember to bring an umbrella or heavy waterproof wear to keep yourself from getting soaked out there! The rain tends to be sporadic so whenever your going outside be sure to have something on you to keep yourself dry!

With the coming days of rain the lack of sun may lead to Vitamin D deficiency, so please don’t forget to supplement your meal with said vitamins to maintain a healthy body. Also it is recommended to have a dehumidifier inside the house to avoid mold from forming inside the house. The humidity tends to build up so much moisture that mold finds a way to build up in many closed spaces. Be sure to air out the car once in a while as well!

Another thing to keep in mind is the coming days with the rain is the potential of barometric pressure headaches which is caused by the sudden changes of weather thus causing headaches and migraines with individuals. So please be aware that may be an underlying cause for headaches.

If you are exercising in this weather be sure to always have sufficient hydration, since this weather is deceptive and people get dehydrated easier in this weather due to the fact that the body sweats much more due to the humidity and heat during this time.

While the weather will be a bit muggy and wet for the coming weeks, we will be always here bright and early to help you with any adjustments and help you to have a healthy body throughout the rainy season!

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