Ankle Injuries

Hello this Kenji from LFC!

Many people have experienced the unfortunate ankle injury from time to time. It is no rare occurrence since ankle sprains are probably the most common lower body injury one can get. However, as often as it happens the nature of an ankle sprain is often not very well understood. So today I would like to give some insight on the injury itself and how we look at injuries at LFC.

Essentially an ankle sprain is a ligament tear in the ankle region, there are 4 major ligaments that are injured – the medial, anterior tibiofibular, calcaneofibular and talofubular ligaments. The most common, rolled ankle may cause these injuries to these ligaments.

When these ligaments are torn this limits movement greatly, of course there are grades to tears. These are ranked in 3 grades. 1 being a small tear in the ligament, 2 being damage to the ligament that my impair normal movements, and a grade 3 tear that is a completely severed ligament that needs surgical intervention.

Damage to the ankle also leads to significant misalignment to the lower body. Here at LFC we have a product known as the Kakato Makura which helps in supporting an injured ankle that also helps in aligning ankles to help with misalignment. In fact, I wore these exact supporters when I rolled my ankle badly. While the bruising was bad and I was in quite a lot of pain, I was able to work in the clinic, standing most of the time on the ankle. As it turns out, I had a grade 2 sprain so it was quite the injury!

If you have any questions regarding ankle injuries or the ankle supporters please don’t hesitate to ask the staff!


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