Wrist Stretches

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Our wrists are an integral part of our everyday lives! We don’t really give much thought about this part of our body, but it allows us to perform many tasks throughout the day, from writing to using a keyboard and performing menial tasks that require our hands. However, wrists are also necessary in complex movements such as weight lifting or other forms of sports. When the wrist is injured simple tasks become difficult to perform and any complex movements will be need to be put off until the injury heals.

The wrist joint itself comprised of smaller bones that are all connected together to make one cohesive joint. While this adds to the dexterity and flexibility to this area, this can means that it can be easily stressed or even damaged. These small bones and ligaments are surprisingly strong for their size but they can still be injured. To prevent injuries or stress to your joints, we at LFC have some simple recommended stretches for the wrists.

① The first stretch requires you to grip your wrist with your opposite hand’s middle finger and thumb. Then press down with your opposite hand as you bend the elbow of the wrist you are gripping. As soon as you feel some tension and stretching hold for 5 seconds.

②The second stretch will require to have your hand you want to stretch palm face up, take your opposite hand and grab your four fingers and take your thumb of the opposite hand and press it against the back of the stretching hand. Straighten out your arm to get the maximum amount of leverage and stretch. Hold for 5 seconds

③ The third stretch will require to have the back of your hand facing you, take your opposite hand and place it over your four fingers and pull said fingers towards your chest. Once again straighten out your arms to get the best stretch for your wrists. Hold for 5 seconds.

As a person who is active in sports, it’s important to stretch all your joints, no matter how small to avoid injuries. If you have any questions regarding the wrist joint adjustments or said stretches please feel free to ask us anytime you come to the clinic.

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