Neck Pain and How an Adjustment will help.

There are many reasons why your neck may be stiff and painful to move. Perhaps staring at a computer screen for too long during the work day, or using the smart phone. This leads to the next thing that will lead to a stiff neck or a neck with limited movement which is poor posture, not just when using a computer but when sitting down for an extended period of time such as driving or even just watching TV.

Maintaining good posture is paramount for a healthy neck to avoid stresses to the neck. However, another form of neck pain maybe a lingering injury from something like sudden whiplash or from an accident that may have left some lingering symptoms. Other tertiary things such as posture of your body while you sleep maybe another contributing factor to your neck being stiff and difficult to maneuver. Sleeping in an awkward position such as a chair or couch for an extended amount of time will contribute to a stiff neck or even a pinched nerved in severe cases.

So how can one fix a stiff neck? Here at LFC we have two approaches that may help you with persistent neck pain. We perform massages around the neck area that may loosen the muscular structures and may relieve neck pain, however, some forms of neck pain are skeletal in structure and so this leads us the to second approach of fixing neck pain here at LFC. Known as a supine manipulation, the focus is to find the misalignment in the neck and use proper technique to realign the neck’s structural alignment to its optimal natural form.

However, the best way to recover from a stiff neck is a combination of good habits, stretching and chiropractic adjustment.If you have any questions regarding any of things stated above please don’t hesitate asking any of the staff here at LFC.

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