Herniated Disc Adjustments

Hello this Kenji from Life Force Chiropractic!

Herniated discs are an extremely painful injuries for anyone. The pain is lasts for a long time and it takes equally a very long time to heal.

The possibilities of getting a herniated disc can happen regardless of if you live an active lifestyle or have a more more relaxed lifestyle. Sudden violent movements or lifting heavy objects suddenly are leading causes to herniated discs.

Here at Life Force Chiropractic we have a specific treatment for anyone that suffers a herniated disc, we will work alongside you to facilitate a steady recovery from your herniated disc.

At LFC we use a specialized technique to slowly open the space between the vertebrae via stretching the affected area slowly apart to allow the bulging disc to slowly return to its normal size. We also use specialized chiropractic supports that allow our patients to be more comfortable when getting adjusted.

If you have any questions regarding hernias and possibly needing an adjustment to help you with your discomfort please don’t hesitate in contacting us!

Recovery from a herniated disc will not be instant but we will always be here to give you the best treatment!

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