皆さん、こんにちはLFC代表のカワミツ です。





We, LFC had a Bonenkai party with all staffs

Hi, This is Dr. Nobu.

Okinawa gets colder and colder everyday and now I feel like Winter finally has come.

Today, I will talk about LFC Bonenkai.

First of all, we had bowling games at American Village for the first time. Roy became a champion and Mr. Kuda was 2nd place. I was a 5th place lol, but it was really fun. I will try to advance more next time.

Second, we went to an izakaya in Chatan and had great time by having nice dishes there.

We just had a five year anniversary, but we had experienced so much difficulties. Now, we still have some days until the End of this year and we will try our best to finish this year.

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