Ex US Marine Corps Active Duty Looking for Relief of Neck and Back Pain

Hi, everyone!! This is Dr. Nobu Kawamitsu, D.C. at LFC.

Today, I would like to talk about my patient who used to be a US soldier here in Okinawa and now trying to be a nurse.

When this patient came into my clinic, he had severe neck and back pains. Plus, he had a shooting pain down to his right leg and he could not move and turn his head to left due to severe pain in his neck.

He told me that he had herniated discs at L3-L5, so I checked his low back and found there was a misaligned vertebra at L4.

I immediately adjusted his back and his pain was gone. I also adjusted his neck and his neck pain was gone.

I have adjusted this patient 5 times so far, and his neck and back pains were reduced 70-80% compared at the first visit.

If you have a severe pain and interested in chiropractic adjustments, please ask this man how effectively my adjustments were done.

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