LFC’s ads on okinawaspotlight

Ladies and Gentlemen, How’s everybody doing ? This is Dr. Nobu at Life Force Chiropractic (LFC)

I would like to talk about LFC’s ads on okinawaspotlight by MCCS.

This is my first time to make ads on that free paper. My focus is to serve not only Japanese, but also foreigners living in Okinawa, especially Americans!!

The reason why is that I have received my chiropractic degree in the U.S.A and I can communicate with them in English.

Because Chiropractic was born in the U.S.A, Americans know more about chiropractic than Japanese.

Those who are in U.S. military train themselves so hard everyday, so they might have some issues in their bodies. I am ready to help those issues.

I hope that I can help not only U.S. soldiers but also their family members.


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