Children are welcome 🤗.

Hello...this is Narumi from Life Force Chiropractic!
We are now halfway through the year 2024! It seems like the year goes by faster and faster with each passing year (lol).
Let's enjoy the remaining six months 🌟.
Today I would like to introduce Life Force Chiropractic.

We have a kids' space in the hospital 🥳 with mini-bouldering, picture books, and a variety of fun toys to play with!
And for the little ones who can't play by themselves yet, our staff will do their best to play with them✨.
If you are a mother or father who has given up self-care because your child is still young, or if you and your child want to receive treatment together, or if your child is out of school, please come to Life Force Chiropractic. ☺️

It is very important for women in particular to take care of their bodies after childbirth and while breastfeeding. ❣️

Also, chiropractic has many very positive benefits for children!

Children (especially babies) do not yet have a strong skeleton.
For example, when pulling on a hand or playing together, the body may be subjected to excessive force for the slightest of reasons. It is difficult for children to express their physical pain or abnormality in words. A baby's only means of communication is through crying and squirming.
Chiropractic care for children is communication without words. We use finger touch, palpation, and precise corrective techniques to adjust the distorted skeletal structure to normal.
We have experience with 7-day-old babies 👼.
The mother risks her life during childbirth, but the baby also uses a lot of energy when it is born through the birth canal. This can cause distortion. If the baby's skeleton is distorted, it can cause various problems such as crying at night and turning over only on one side.
We are seeing an increase in the number of patients who take care of their babies along with their mothers' postpartum care.

Let's restore the distortion of children's bodies to the correct position for their upcoming growth period and create an environment for healthy growth 🥰!

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