Congratulations to the Ryukyu Golden Kings on their runner-up finish!

Hello everyone, this is Kawamitsu, the LFC representative. The rainy season is about to end, how are you doing?

Today's content is about the Ryukyu Golden Kings' runner-up finish and the players and their treatment at LFC.

LFC has treated 7 Kings players and team officials a total of 17 times during this year's B-League season and Climax Series. In total, LFC has performed over 60 treatments on Kings players and team officials over the past five years.

In recent years, the Kings have always made it to the finals, and this time, although they were close runners-up, they still had a good record. As a chiropractor, I am grateful to have been able to contribute to such a top level team in Japan. I am also very grateful to all the patients who have supported LFC, as well as my mentor who taught me chiropractic and my mentor in life.

LFC will continue to support the players and team members while striving to contribute to their victory through chiropractic care.

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