We are pleased to welcome "LIFE WALKER", a leather craftsman who will make Okinawa even more exciting in the future!

Hello everyone, this is Roy from LFC staff (^_^)

This time, I had the pleasure of welcoming my customers and the leather craftsmen who will make Okinawa even more exciting in the future!

This time, we are pleased to welcome Ms. Chihiro of "LIFE WALKER," a leather craftsman based in Uruma City, Okinawa Prefecture!

Chihiro-san and I became friends last year, and when we were talking privately, Chihiro-san said she wanted to try chiropractic care because she often uses her upper body to make leather goods while sitting at work, which causes fatigue around her shoulders! So, she said, "I would love to have a chiropractic treatment!

Chihiro usually has her own leather goods brand called "LIFE WALKER"! This brand is based on the concept of "Making products that will be loved and used for a long time beyond generations", using leather to make wallets, key cases, phone covers and other items we all often use in our daily lives. The charm of leather is that you can enjoy its unique color and shape "change over time"! We are selling truly wonderful products that allow you to enjoy the "change over time" of leather's unique color and shape, which is the charm of leather!

I myself have a wallet (money clip wallet) by LIFE WALKER! I was just looking for a wallet (money clip wallet) a while ago and I found the perfect piece this time! The fact that the color is changing more and more as I use it on a daily basis is very appealing! Also, its very stylish!

This time, she actually received chiropractic adjustments and felt so much change in her range of motion and lightness of her body before and after the treatment that she wants to receive chiropractic care on a regular basis!To our delight, Chihiro's family was also referred to us and her whole family is now coming to our store! We will continue to strive to maintain the bodies of Chihiro's family!

LIFE WALKER" is exhibiting at various events in Okinawa and other prefectures, so please take a look if you see them anywhere! You can also see their products on Instagram and online.

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