Giggle back" that is more common on cold days

Hello everyone, this is Kawamitsu, LFC representative. It has been cold this week, how are you doing?

Today we are going to talk about lower back pain/stiffness which often occurs on cold days.

In November of the year before last, I had a back injury for the first time in a long time. Thanks to many people, I was able to recover safely, although I was unable to move for about two weeks. However, a back injury can cause sharp pain and loss of strength that can only be understood by those who have suffered from it.

In my case, I think it may have been caused by extreme fatigue, stiffness of the entire body, and lack of sleep. Other references suggest various possible causes, such as "soft tissue damage" and "joint strain.

In general, colds and illnesses increase when the weather gets colder, and we think that a back injury may be caused by a similar phenomenon: muscles contract and stiffen when the temperature drops, blood and fluid circulation deteriorates, joints and the skeletal structure become distorted, and nerve compression occurs.

Sudden back pain can be mild or severe. In most cases, mild cases recover spontaneously over time, but in severe cases, like mine, you can't move and can't get to work. So what should you do if you have a severe back injury?

If there is no one around to help, I would recommend calling an ambulance first. The emergency room may be able to treat the patient to some extent, and the patient's recovery will be quicker afterwards. If there is a family member or someone around who can help, the patient should rest on a bed or futon. If you have a family member or someone around to help you, then rest on your bed or futon, lying on your side with both legs bent is recommended as it is easier on the lower back. Then, as soon as possible, have your stiffened muscles and misaligned joints adjusted at an osteopathic clinic, physical therapy clinic, or chiropractic clinic. In the meantime, if the pain is unbearable, you may take pain medication. In the case of an acute back injury, it is recommended to "cool it down with an ice bag. If it is chronic and repeated many times, I recommend warming it directly in a bath or shower. Both of these will help reduce the pain.

Although the degree of herniation varies, it may take several weeks to several months to recover from a hernia, so it is important to treat it as soon as possible.

This week, we have already had several patients with sudden back stiffness come to our store. I am glad to hear from the patients themselves that their back pain has been relieved, and that their faces, which had been drawn until they received treatment, have turned into smiles and relief. Everyone should try to keep your body flexible on a daily basis to prevent backaches!

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