Okinawa Electric Power Company players visited us.

Hello everyone! This is Shun from Life Force Chiropractic. This time, we had a visit from Atsuya Uchima, a pitcher for Okinawa Electric Power Company. Mr. Uchima was a teammate of my brother's during his high school baseball days, and he came to our chiropractic clinic through my brother's introduction. He has been throwing a fastball since his school days, and after joining Okinawa Electric Power Company, he has been very active as the center of the pitching staff, boasting a maximum speed of 151 km/h. He has a stiff back, which is a problem for him. After the adjustment, his range of motion in his lower back improved considerably, and he was happy to hear that his shoulders were able to turn more easily and move more easily. After the adjustment, he told me that it was easier to throw than usual. I would like to continue to support Uchima so that he can throw his pitches with the motion he wants to use, and to improve his maximum velocity by even one kilometer. All of us at Okinawa Electric Power Company will continue to support Mr. Uchima and his successes in Okinawa and throughout Japan during the upcoming season. We look forward to your continued support.

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