LFC went to the U.S. for training!

Hello everyone, I am Kawamitsu, the LFC representative.

The mornings and nights have been getting cooler and cooler lately, how are you doing?

The content of this issue is about "Training in the U.S.". I was finally able to fulfill my company's long-cherished dream of training in the United States. The location is Orlando, Florida and Lakeland, where I used to live.

For my training in Orlando, I went to the clinic of Dr. Barton, a friend of mine from graduate school. He showed us the contents of his clinic one by one and told us what kind of machines he has and how he treats his patients. We were also able to ask him some questions and see the current state of chiropractic in the United States.

In Lakeland, I was able to visit the home of my late chiropractic mentor, Dr. Decamp, and talk with his wife about his late mentor.

In Orlando, there is the world-famous Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Sea World, among others.

I hope to have another opportunity like this in the future to tour cities in the U.S. with my colleagues from the company.

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