Very Holiday!!!!

Hello everyone, this is Roy from LFC staff.

Last Friday, the 13th, Abe-chan, aka "Mecha Holiday," who is a regular customer of mine, came to our store!

Abe-chan runs a restaurant in Onna Village and organizes beach cleanups on her days off, and she is a regular there.

On the 8th of this month, when I went to have dinner at Abe-chan's restaurant, he said, "I want to go to Roy's restaurant next time! He came to our store on Thursday of the same week with a gift box, made an appointment, and came to receive treatment the next day! I was very happy that he came to see me, as I felt that he had the kind of energy that is typical of Abe-chan! Aoi-san, who works with Abe-chan, also came to see me and we both received treatment together! Both Abe-chan and Aoi-san have experience in baseball and love baseball, so I look forward to seeing them every time I see them because we can talk about their private lives as well as their favorite baseball game!

It was nice and rewarding to hear her say that her body, which had been bothering her, was lighter and better after the treatment!

I encourage everyone to visit the "Abe-chan Family" restaurant in Onna Village! They are very powerful people, so I highly recommend it!

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