Jack-kun's first treatment!

Hello Life Force Chiropractic.

It's November and it's hot during the day. But the nights are cool and comfortable 🎶.

Today I would like to introduce Jack (10 months), who is a first-time visitor.

Jack was my first visit to the clinic, but he didn't mind me holding him in my arms while his mother filled out the medical questionnaire, he was so cute and smiling! When I took him to the kids' space, he played with various toys by my side and was very happy. He is so cute and full of energy!

Jack's left leg has not worked well since he was crawling, and now he tries to walk while holding on to it, but he bends his left leg and sits down.

Jack was anxious and cried a little because it was his first time, but with Jack's effort and mom's help, he was able to do it very well, sometimes laughing uproariously! As a result of the treatment, there was a distortion in the neck and pelvis. During the adjustment, Jack's neck and back felt a little surprised when he felt a jolt, but he was feeling much better. He is going to talk with his mom about his future and will do his best in our clinic.

Jack, let's work together~!

If you have a child in your neighborhood and are concerned about his or her development, please bring him or her to our clinic.

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