LFC Patient Referrals!

Hello everyone, I am Kawamitsu, Director of LFC.

Today I would like to introduce a patient who has been coming to our clinic.

Mr. and Mrs. Maeda initially came to our clinic because of their son Yukiya's knee pain. It seemed to be caused by contact during club activities. When we examined the knee joint, we found a torsion in the lower leg area. This was the cause of the knee pain.

We first adjusted the distortion of the entire body and then adjusted the knee. It took 4 or 5 treatments until the pain was finally gone, after which there was no knee pain. I also have some dermatitis, but it is gradually subsiding.

He loves basketball and his position is guard, and he works hard as a team commander. It was also the day before the game, and I treated him to get him in his element in the pre-game adjustment. I love basketball myself, so I want to support him very much.

A beautiful mother has also taken our "beauty course" at our clinic. Every time, she feels her cheeks become slimmer and thinner.

I also had to be taken to and from club activities by my parents every day when I was in junior high and high school, so I bow down to the hard work of my mother.

Yukiya, give your best in your last tournament in junior high school!

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