✨Isla's first chiropractic ✨

Hello everyone, this is LFC! It's a warm Christmas this year~🎄🎶

Today, we would like to introduce you to a cute 5-month-old baby, Ayla, who comes to our clinic with her parents and children!

According to her mom, Ayla is quite shy....

Mom started the treatment and cried a lot 💦 more and more when I held her in my arms 💦.

Gentle Ayla, who somehow managed to stop crying along the way while being held by me ✨.

When mommy finishes and mommy holds her, she smiles with a big smile~~~❣️❣️

And next is Ayla's treatment! (I put her on top of her mommy when I do the treatment on little ones.)

Ayla seemed to be at ease on her mommy's lap and was smiling like she had no idea what she had just been doing ✨ she looked so comfortable!

This time, Ayla, her mommy had no particular concerns, but she wanted to have her maintenance done.

As a result, there was a slight pelvic misalignment. Mom looked relieved after receiving advice from the doctor.

Five-month-old Ayla is about to start crawling. And then standing up, and then toddling! So much to look forward to!

Mom is going to enjoy various growths with the advice from the doctor after learning about Ayla's body!

If you have a child, nephew, or niece who is concerned about their health, please bring them to Life Force Chiropractic!  We can help with constipation, runny nose, growth concerns, etc.

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