LFC Director was featured in FocusOkinawa and Outnumber!

Hello everyone, I am Kawamitsu, Director of LFC.

Today, I will share with you some information from outside the hospital that has been covered by the media.

The other day, I had the pleasure of appearing as a guest on Outnumber radio, which I am grateful to have been a part of, and now I have been featured in the Outnumber newspaper, which is a written version of the radio show by Focus Okinawa and its representative, Mr. Kanatani.

Focus Okinawa has the same content as the recent radio, but Outnumber has our impressions from the FIBA Basketball World Cup held last month in Shanghai, China.

For more information, please see Focus Okinawa or Outnumber. Outnumber is available at Family Mart in Okinawa.

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