Chiropractic Clinic where Ryukyu Golden Kings players come!

Hello everyone, I am Kawamitsu, Director of LFC.

Today, we would like to introduce someone who is the talk of the town. The Ryukyu Golden Kings recently won the B-League West Division championship, and one of their main players, Ira Brown, who was selected as a member of the All-Japan team, came to Lifeforce Chiropractic. This is the second Kings player to visit our clinic after Jeff Ayers.

I have been to several Kings games and have been impressed by his put-back dunk shot off a rebound using his natural physical ability (he jumps and slams the ball into the ring as it comes overflowing from a teammate's shot).

After all, their physiques are dramatically different from those of the Americans I have seen so far.

It seems that his body has become lighter after the treatment at our clinic. The CS playoffs will start tomorrow, and we hope they will play an active role.

By the way, I also went and purchased an AB supporter that adjusts the ankle, which we offer at our clinic. He said, "My legs feel like they are standing straight." He said, "My legs feel like they are standing straight.

We will continue to make adjustments to him and will do our best to improve the performance of basketball and all other athletes.

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