First time in a long time in Roppongi on a business trip to Tokyo

Hello everyone, this is Kawamitsu, Director of LFC.

Today, I would like to share with you the daily life of our staff. I have been in Roppongi, Tokyo since last Saturday, the 24th.

This is a place associated with my previous job. This time, I took advantage of my free time to visit the observatory at Roppongi Hills, which I had never been able to visit when I was working in Roppongi.

As soon as I went up to the observation deck, the first thing I saw was Tokyo Tower. I also had a 360° view of the entire Tokyo area.

The weather was beautiful and the view over Tokyo like this was wonderful.

On the way there, I approached a man from the U.S. and took a commemorative photo. He looked like an athlete, so I asked him what sport he played, and he told me he was an NBA basketball player!

Unfortunately I forgot to ask his name so I don't know if he was really an NBA player or not. LOL!

There was also an exhibition of Fujiko Fujio's manga and an art exhibition titled "Catastrophe: The Power of Art", so I was very happy to see art for the first time in a while.

I learned a lot, especially about catastrophe art.

The meaning of catastrophe is "a great upheaval or catastrophe.

In the human body, this is similar to a sudden onset of a major illness. This art exhibition featured many photographs of the Tohoku disaster and the terrorist attacks in the U.S., and the theme of the exhibition was the power of human beings to recover from these disasters.

Some of the patients I see today are battling serious illnesses, and I feel that I have learned through the Tohoku disaster and the recovery from the terrorist attacks in New York that they too will get better.

When I return to Okinawa, I would like to work with those patients again to overcome their illnesses and symptoms!


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