Patient Case Studies

Hello everyone, this is Kawamitsu from K-ichi Roppongi store.
Today, I will share with you a case study of a patient.
S.N. was a patient who initially had difficulty relaxing her neck, and due to her night shift job, she slept at different times and did not feel like sleeping even when she did sleep. Her skin condition was also not good and looked itchy.
After receiving treatment at our clinic, one of our clients commented, "I can now relax my neck, and I can sleep at night." He commented, "My neck has become more relaxed and I can sleep at night.
He also commented, "I have been to many different types of bodywork and shiatsu, but this was the only place where I could feel the effects from the very first time." I have been to many different chiropractic and acupressure clinics.
In a message to those with similar concerns, he said, "Try coming here once you think you've been duped." And.
Since I have been seeing Mr. N since I took over at K-ichi in late July, I had not treated his neck until after I had treated his feet, so he had no idea that his neck problem was coming from his feet, especially his right ankle, and he was just surprised.
The treatment is exclusively using ABC Therapy and KS invented by Mr. Kumagai, and my neck and ankles are getting much better.
The skin rash on his neck is now much smoother and the itching has calmed down. His adrenal fatigue seems to be recovering as well.
Since Mr. N's face was not shown this time, we asked him to post only his impressions. This was a case study of Mr. N.

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